Revenue Commissioner

As your Marion County Revenue Commissioner and on behalf of my staff, I would like to welcome you to the Marion County online property tax and tag renewal website. We are so glad that you have chosen to access this resource. We are thankful to you for allowing us to bring you this most valuable service. Our goal through this website is to allow you to access information from the office of the Marion County Revenue Commissioner, instantly, anywhere. This resource will not only allow you to pay property tax and renew license plates online, but also access Marion County tax records and deed information for research. Whether you are a land owner, a business owner, renewing your license plate, or simply curious about property located in Marion County, this webpage is available to provide insight and support to you. The office of the Marion County Revenue Commission is committed to transparency, efficiency, and excellence in everything we do. Explore the site, stay informed, and feel free to reach out to our office with any questions or concerns. 

Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to serving you.